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We scout planet earth to find the most beautiful sex dolls on the market. These dolls are art pieces and we make it easy for them to reach your bedroom.

We are your premium provider of authentic luxury sex dolls. All of our dolls are carefully selected to ensure real TPE materials. We only provide quality sex dolls from the most talented manufacturers on the planet.

We provide fast, free and discreet shipping with every order and secure payment options and payment plans.

At EarthErotiq.com, we believe that sex dolls can be great accessories to improve your sex skills. Through the stories we tell on our blog and each doll profile, we also strive to show you the beauty and complexity of women.

Follow our blog and get your doll. The more you understand women as a man, the more successful in life you will be. Start here in our store.

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We’re Elyon, inc, a company focused on developing intelligent wellness products.

We believe that sex is at the core of nature’s willpower. So we start here.

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Read our blog articles like How to Last Longer, or sex stories like What really happened in the Barn to Marie and Maya. These 18 years old dolls will leave you breathless.

We also do Porn Stars reviews once a month. The latest article dives deep into Mia Malkova’s Journey to become a porn star.

Our blog writer is a female. Read what it feels like to be a woman and writing about a sex doll website.

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We’re proud to say that we now have payment plans options to allow people to purchase they TPE Sex Doll for less than $100/month.

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We try to answer as many of your custom dolls questions in our FAQs. If you still have any questions, please get in touch with us through our Chat located on the bottom right corner.

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Our affiliate program gives 10%, which is the highest in the industry. We believe that the sex doll revolution should be a shared revolution.

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We thrive to explore sex in all its forms. From self-improvement How to Increase Stamina to history,  Overview of The History of Sex Dolls, sex has no limits.