Make Earth Erotic Again

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What does making Earth erotic mean?

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Eroticism is more than sex

If you’ve been keeping up with our doll stories and blog posts, you may have noticed as of late that they have been taking a new direction.

It’s one that focuses more on connecting with nature and making a better world for everyone. As part of that, we want to reaffirm our commitment to make Earth erotic again.

But what do we mean by that? What, exactly, does eroticism mean? And what do sex dolls have to do with connecting to nature?

Eroticism means something different to everyone. But to us, it is more profound than the physical act of sex, whether it’s with a doll or a person.

It is the expression of the beauty of sexuality, in all its forms.

Eroticism is natural

As humans, eroticism, or sexual desire, is at our core. A deep craving for connection fuels this desire. Sex is a natural, healthy thing.

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Whether done to produce life or connect with someone intimately, sex is simply a part of life. It is rooted in nature.

When we embrace our sexual nature, we embrace every other aspect of the universe–the sun, the plants, and of course, other humans.

As silly as it seems, our sex drive is embedded in the natural order. To reject sexual desire is to deny an intrinsic part of being human. It goes against the natural order of the universe.

When we foster our erotic side, we accept who we are as a person. Acceptance of oneself is paramount to connecting with other people and the environment.

To connect, we need to create harmony and virtue within ourselves. As cliche as it is, there is truth to the phrase, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

Goodness, decency, a desire to care for others and be a steward of nature…that’s beauty. And these qualities allow us to make deeper connections to the people around us as well as the planet on which we live. 

Eroticism is loving yourself

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Accepting eroticism as part of being human is one thing, but applying it is another. 

As people, we crave acceptance. For some, the need to belong is stronger than others. But generally, a desire to be accepted by those around us is unshakable.

It’s not always a bad thing, but sometimes, it can be a detriment to our sense of self-worth. Especially if it comes at the cost of being untrue to yourself.

For those living in areas where sex is a taboo subject, making connections with others, loving yourself, and accepting who you are is difficult.

Expressing our sexuality should be something natural. After all, sexual desire is a part of every human’s physiology. But unfortunately, it is not always viewed that way.

We live in a world dominated by social rules that are often unaccepting of expressions of sexuality. It becomes challenging to develop connections formed by cultivating a strong sexual desire.

In turn, a lack of connecting to anything–people, nature, or even yourself–causes a disconnect in the way we live our lives.

Eroticism is human

Every day, we are held back by fears of judgment and rejection. Whether it’s religion, culture, or something else,

Eroticism - Self Love

forces are working to suppress our eroticism.

However, this suppression works against itself by fueling a sense of freedom within those who choose not to ignore their sexual desires. Sex has, is, and always will be apart of nature.

Eroticism is more than sex. It’s recognizing oneself as a sexual being and refusing to let society, religion, or anything else stifle it. It is remaining true to yourself.

When we lose our eroticism, we feel uncomfortable in our skin. We feel a disconnect in ourselves, and that’s when we start to lose that connection with nature.

Some may say that eroticism is sinful or shameful, but smothering sexual desire is unnatural and inherently goes against human nature.

In turn, this leads to a slow disconnect with life in the world around us. That is why it is so vital for people to cultivate their sexual desires in a healthy, positive manner.

You don’t need to sleep with a different person every night to maintain your connection with nature. And you don’t have to join a nudist colony to rediscover your eroticism.

It starts in your mind, by rejecting shame, guilt, and fear about sex. Even with that one step, you will stay connected to nature.

Eroticism - Maisie Cousins

Earth is erotic

Earth Erotic strives to promote sex-positive attitudes and influence those who read our posts that there is no shame in sex.

Sex-negative views across the world have led many to feel isolated and alone. It is a tragedy when this happens because no one should feel like an outcast or feel shame for something as ordinary as sex.

Those who suppress sexual desire in themselves and others goes against our nature, whether they believe it or not. Leading others to think that they are lesser because of something so natural reflects the broken connection within.

We must shed the shame and guilt we feel towards sex. It does nothing to improve ourselves and only tears apart the connection we share as sexual beings.

We want to help people form connections with each other as well as the planet we share. From the CEO in the penthouse apartment to a fisherman in a remote village, we are in this together

As a species, we must act as stewards of this planet so that future generations have the opportunity to witness our planet’s beauty.

Eroticism is a state of mind. It’s feeling comfortable with yourself as a sexual creature. And, most importantly, it is the rejection of shame and guilt associated with sex.

Reconnecting with eroticism takes a certain degree of self-awareness and dedication to staying true to oneself. It is hard work, and the pressure to be accepted by those around us is great.

But developing a connection to yourself is the first step to connecting to nature. And what could be sexier than that?

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  1. mayapoppins says:

    But developing a connection to yourself is the first step to connecting to nature. And what could be sexier than that?
    Indeed honesty to oneself helps build up confidence. Confidence is sexy!

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